„what a time to be alive“ grotesque x arrow & beast

A family collab with the arrow & beast squad about the good times and getting these clips. Featuring a heavy load of Simon Gärtner, Michael Tan and Sandro Trovato as well as bangers from the whole team and fam.

What a Time to be Alive! Enjoy! This collab featured a limited run of shirts and zip-hoods, get these right here.

Featuring: Simon Gärtner Michael ‚Fidschi‘ Tan Sandro Trovato Carl Altmann Erik Müller Denis Nitsche Marvin Sauer Michael Häusler Roman Jahns Elvis Merkelbach Reece Knobloch Patrick Zentgraf Mark Metzner Kaio Hillebrand Phil Anderson Filmed & Edited by: Yannick Stechmeyer-Emden Additional Filming by: Torsten Frank Dominik Schneider Frederick Schneider Philip Habel Tobias Kasemir Anthony Sörnsen Kaio Hillebrand Denito Thanks to everybody making this possible, shredding and stacking these clips.